Around The World Books

ages 3-8 (language learning and global awareness)

Sally Around the World

Sally is a green gorilla who takes the reader on a global journey, introducing young children to the idea of travel and cultural experiences other than their own. (Series)

Teatime Around the World

Sally journeys to tea parties on different continents and learns the customs—similarities and differences — of this global ritual.

The Sky Goes Around the World

a lyrical description of weather phenomena both geographically unique and common to the earth.

Animal Books

ages 3-8 (caring and responsible relationships with animals)

Room Enough for All

follows one family’s long and raucous list of pets to the only logical outcome for them and their big-hearted outlook on domestic life– another trip to the animal shelter!

The True Story of Cornelius Tickles

tells of a painted turtle hatchling’s rescue and his unfolding life as “Mr. Tickles”. It explores the nature of the “biophilic” connection between human and animal as Mr. Tickles fulfills the roles of household pet, classroom pet and ultimately his natural role of lake creature when he is returned to his primary habitat.

Guy, the Dog Who Loved the World

a story of the great bond between a dog and his people. Guy is a stray rescued from a garbage site by a family living abroad. Does he understand English? Will he eat American dog food? And where on earth did he come from? There are many mysteries surrounding Guy, the greatest being the mystery of love discovered by the family as they ultimately transport him around the world to a new home.

Leila, Immigrant Dog

An account of bridging cultures and making friends when a puppy found on the street is adopted by a foreign visitor. They help each other learn about life in a non-dog loving society and make friends along the way. Will the relationship transfer to life in a new place?

Non Fiction

these titles are available through the publishers or booksellers

In the Children’s House

ages 3-8, parents, teachers (Montessori themes)

Cooking in the Children’s House

Inspiration and directions for setting up an edible schoolyard/cooking program at your school or even in your home. Recipes with photographs and tips.

Singing in the Children’s House

A year long guide for musical enrichment in the classroom or at home. Songs, movement, poetry and more with photographs and tips to tie in materials and activities.

Take me Outside!

a simple book for families who value a connection with nature

This is my Room

A child’s (and parent’s) guide for setting up a comfortable and independent space in the home. (Series)