Spring Fling Contest 2021

It’s time for Spring Fling 2021 hosted by Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. I’m so excited to take part for the first time.

The brief: Choose a gif for inspiration and write a spring themed story aimed at children under the age of 12. The word count must be 150 or below.

Thanks to hallmark channel gifs (and to Esther) for my story inspiration.

Here is my hippety hoppety entry.

Rosie the Nibbler

By Megan Ray Durkin       


Rosie the Nibbler’s the pet for me.

She gives away snuggles and kisses for free.

Rosie the Nibbler hops this a ‘way and that,

But always returns to my lap for a pat.

You won’t hear her moo; you won’t hear her crow.

A thump of her foot is how she will show.

A bunny just wants to hop this a ‘way and that.

And then she’ll return to your lap for a pat.

Rabbits are pets that do not need much.

A full water bottle and hay in a hutch.

Time in the grass to hop this a ‘way and that.

And plenty of space in your lap for a pat.

If you want a pet that’s soft as a cloud,

Come over tomorrow and see what I found.

Cuz’ all Rosie’s babies hop this a ‘way and that.

I’m certain there’s one that will fit in your lap.

Rosie and Esther


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