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Cooking in the Children’s House features engaging hands on activities for the home or school kitchen. Young chefs will learn about customs and flavors from around the world – and you can get a sneak peek at one of the projects right here. Try it out!

Tea Eggs

12 eggs, hard boiled

4 cups water

6 T. soy sauce

2 tsp. salt

2 T. black tea or 2 tea bags

6 pieces star anise

2 sticks cinnamon

Peel of one orange, in strips

Chinese Tea Eggs

-Tap eggs all over shell with back of a spoon to crack (but don’t break)

-Gently place eggs in water, tea and spices to cover (we use a slow cooker)

-Simmer for 2-3 hours and put pot in refrigerator to steep overnight

-Peel when ready to eat, and look for lovely the spiderweb design

Image result for chinese character for tea egg

 Geography Takeaway

Chá dàn 

Enjoyed by Chinese for centuries, tea eggs are a great wholesome snack. They are traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year (they symbolize wealth, prosperity and fertility), but are a popular street snack in China and Taiwan year round. Tea eggs are easy (and super fun!) to make at home and they taste good too!